Volunteer with Good Shepherd

One of the most important ways you can help our local homeless community is with your time.

Volunteer Your Time

One of the most important ways you can help the homeless community is through volunteering. When you volunteer, you will meet and interact with members of the homeless community. What you will find is that the unhoused are not much different from you. The connection will also allow them to benefit from your support and you will also reap the intangible benefits of helping someone in need. 


Here’s How You Can Help!


Get Involved and Make a Difference

  • Coaching homeless individuals for employment
  • Working at one of our shelters or at our retail thrift stores and donation centers
  • Mentoring families, women, and children
  • Registering homeless individuals for benefits programs
  • Organizing or participating in fundraising drives for Good Shepherd of Northern Virginia
  • Using your skills to aid in the administration of our thrift and donation centers or supportive housing programs
  • Recruiting others to join our efforts