Our Impact In Our Community

Help & Hope for the Homeless for 40+ Years

“I had a sense of purpose – something I could work toward and accomplish given the tight deadline of 89 days to secure employment, manage finances and secure our next place to live. “

Annually, Good Shepherd of Northern Virginia seeks to challenge homelessness in our community. Our impacts are only felt thanks to the continued support of our donors, volunteers, and participants.


3,000+ People Are Helped By Our Services Each Year

Emergency services, personal development, education, job training and placement, securing housing, mentorship and motivation, all lay the foundation for our participants.

10,000+ Beds and Nights Are Provided By Us

We offer more than a room to sleep or an overnight stay. We provide immediate housing, meals, restrooms, showers, and laundry facilities to individuals and families. To supplement these basis services, we also provide comprehensive case management services through vocational guidance, family life skills, and mentoring.

84% Of Those Served Go On To Stable Housing

This  dynamic program is designed to help individuals and families achieve specific goals and ultimately return to housing stability in the community. Residents work directly with a care coordinator to address specific and unique challenges in each of the six stages. We believe it is essential to provide them opportunity for a long-term solution; not just shelter for a time.

“Good Shepherd of Northern Virginia is one of the best things that ever happened to me.”

Homelessness in Northern Virginia

The homeless population in Loudoun our area has seen a dramatic rise in the past several years. This is due in part to the high cost of housing, lack of sustainable job opportunities, and the unhoused are typically not in plain sight. Many individuals and families live temporarily with family members or friends, in cars or hotels, making them difficult to identify or help.

Good Shepherd believes that education and awareness, community outreach, and program development, are the tools needed to address this community need. We partner with existing social services organizations and charities to provide a variety of training programs that address individual and family needs. Our programs helps those in need to improve their physical and mental health, and provides opportunities for vocational training and employment. You can be a part and support our programs here.

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