Teaching Financial, Emotional, and Relational Health  

Unlocking Programs to Ensure Housing Security and Economic Independence

Good Shepherd is the areas most comprehensive network of services for the homeless, near-homeless, and those in need. Our shelters and transitional housing not only provides care for the immediate needs of those who come to us, but we also work with partners in the community – organizations, volunteers, and local businesses to address the deeper causes of homelessness. Our goal is to help everyone find housing stability, economic independence, and self-sufficiency.

Emergency Services

Personal Development and Education

Job Training and Placement

Secure Housing Assistance

Mentorship and Motivation

Goal Setting

Working to create a path for achievable goals and getting participants back on their own two feet.

Mentorship & Case Management

Dedicated support from our staff to transition through the program meeting defined goals.

Safe Space

The program offers a safe space for all to learn, share, ask questions, and grow in a positive environment.

Life Skills & Job Placement

Coaching and encouraging participants towards financial, practical, emotional and relational health, providing useful tools and instruction to empower residents.

Thrifting for a Cause

Retail Thrift Locations

Good Shepherd currently has three retail locations in Northern Virginia. Our stores offer incredible bargains on gently used goods along with a great location to clean out your closet – and make a difference!

Ashburn, Virginia

Leesburg, Virginia

Sterling, Virginia

Now Accepting: Clothing, Linens, Shoes, Accessories, Household Items, Electronics, Sports Equipment, Toys, Picture Frames, Books, CDs, Luggage, Jewelry, Furniture


The homeless population in Northern Virginia has seen a dramatic rise in the past several years. This is due in part to the high cost of housing, lack of sustainable job opportunities, and the unhoused are typically not in plain sight. Many individuals and families live temporarily with family members or friends, in cars or hotels, making them difficult to identify or help.

Good Shepherd believes that education and awareness, community outreach, and program development, are the tools needed to address this community need. We partner with existing social services organizations and charities to provide a variety of training programs that address individual and family needs. Our programs helps those in need to improve their physical and mental health, and provides opportunities for vocational training and employment. You can be a part and support our programs here.

“Good Shepherd is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I have been hired as an Assistant Director was a local school, bought my first car, and moved into an apartment of my own.”

Karen J.

“[Staying at Good Shepherd] I was able to accomplish saving money and focusing on my goals. Good Shepherd has helped me stay positive about my situation. I was able to go to my job with a sense of relief that I had a place to live and not in the car or at a hotel. I was able to change my whole outcome and view on life “

Evelyn W.

I was able to clean up my credit report and save money with the escrow account. I met nice people in my roommates – very lovely ladies. 

Sarah M.

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